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Lockout Tagout

Recently Brady have launched their new Lockout Tagout interactive training movie.   The above trailer shows the quality of this fantastic tool.

You can edit together your own movie using just the segments you require and save to USB stick for future use.

We supply this movie on a USB stick - contact us for full details and pricing.

This customisable segmented training movie is a superb quality training tool for both those responsible for creating a robust lockout safety policy and also for showing the importance of lockout/tagout to line managers and colleagues - includes case studies of what can happen without a robust lockout procedure in place.

Protect workers on your site from accidents and avoid costly mistakes by isolating your equipment during periods of maintenance or shutdown.

As Northern England based Lockout Tagout specialists we supply Brady's extensive range of lockout tagout devices and padlocks.  There are a wide range of sizes and types of devices and we recommend a FREE site survey to discuss your requirements to help specify the correct devices.

We can bring in our demonstration devices to ensure everything fits just right with your valves, pneumatics, electrical plugs and circuit breakers.

Please call 01937 845 792 for advice, pricing or to arrange a FREE survey/demonstration at your convenience.
Alternatively email us at

BradyJet J5000 Lockout Writer Package (J5000-BWS-LOW-UK)

BradyJet J5000 Lockout Writer Package (J5000-BWS-LOW-UK)

The fantastic new BradyJet J5000 Lockout Writer Software and Printer from Brady (J5000-BWS-LOW-UK).T..

£3,349.69 ex VAT
£4,019.62 inc VAT
Brady Workstation Lockout Writer App via download (BWRK-LOW-DWN)

Brady Workstation Lockout Writer App via download (BWRK-LOW-DWN)

Please note: this is a single PC Licence. Quickly create lockout/tagout procedures, tags and labe..

£757.19 ex VAT
£908.62 inc VAT
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